Dar es Salaam. Diamond Platinumz’s collabo with Congolese rumba maestro Koffi Olomide titled Waah! has reportedly made Sh89 million in two months.

The song has since acquired more than 60 million views on Youtube in a period of four months.

The single made a record when it hit a million views in 8 hours after its release and went on to post 10 million views in one week.

The single then went on to post 30 million views in four weeks, in the process hitting a new height for a local production.

Through his Post on Instagram he explained how artistes can make money on the YouTube and how they should focus more on making money than anything else.

According to him in Tanzania most people consume music through youtube, therefore, views translate into sales.

He said that not every song that gets such views can earn that amount of money; it also depends on the country where the song is being watched.

“There are some countries whose views do not make a lot of money… in developed countries the views fetch more money… So let’s try to make sure our works reach those countries because that is where the money is,” said Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond platnumz currently has 5 million subscribers on yotube

In another development, the singer has weighed in on the conflict between Rayvanny and Harmonize saying it is not healthy and they should instead compete artistically.

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