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Simba Sebuleni

Enock Otieno

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Monday 8:00 pm 12:00 am
Tuesday 8:00 pm 12:00 am
Wednesday 8:00 pm 12:00 am
Thursday 8:00 pm 12:00 am
Friday 8:00 pm 12:00 am

Simba Sebuleni

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SIMBA SEBULENI is a night show that ends your day with an audience ranging from the youth to the older generation running between 8 pm-12 Am. The general public gets a view of the current issues during the program giving out a soft stand on social and economic issues. The program also shares with the general public, social issues affecting the families with a special segment dubbed ziwa la Huba that articulates relationship matters for both marries and single individuals. The music played is cool rhumba, Lingala, soukous, and zilizopendwa among other hits as well as promoting different cultures on Fridays.

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